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Location: Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota Area. (We also travel outside of MN - travel cost may apply). Contact us for information.

Email: k.lorphotography@gmail.com

You can also contact us via Facebook OR Instagram messaging.

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COVID-19 TERM: Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease), CLIENT and K.Lor Photography may need to delay or reschedule dates or times. If there is any changes to session or agreement, it MUST be in writing of the client session agreement. With the Minnesota 'stay at home' order by MN Governor Tim Walz, CLIENT and K.Lor Photography must follow the extend or date that is set by MN Governor Tim Walz. Whatever that date may be, CLIENT and K.Lor Photography MUST understand that there will be NO SESSION that can occur until the 'stay at home' order is over or it is announced that we can continue with business as normal. If CLIENT is out of state from Minnesota, then CLIENT and K.Lor Photography will follow through with that CLIENT's State Governor as issued for that state. But as of June 1, 2020, MN Governor Tim Walz has announced that businesses such as Photography can reopen with social distancing guidelines.

SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES BEFORE/DURING/AFTER SESSION: K.Lor Photography will only take sessions at this time only if we follow these guidelines.      

 1. K.Lor Photography will only take group sessions up to 15 people. 

2. K.Lor Photography will only take CLIENT(s) who show no signs of cold/flu/COVID-19 related symptoms. 

3. K.Lor Photography and CLIENT(s) will wear masks and use hand sanitizer. (Of course, CLIENT(s) can take off masks while taking photos during session). 

4. K.Lor Photography and CLIENT(s) will stay 6 feet away or further from each other while taking photos. 

5. All discussion before or after session will be handled via video call, phone call, messaging, e-mail, and not in-person. This is to reduce in-person contact or communications.



What is a non-refundable retainer?

A.The non-refundable retainer is a fee that retains the photographer's services for your scheduled session date that the photographer has turned down other work for. Retainer is used to secure your session date and time with K.Lor Photography. It is NON-REFUNDABLE and it is not a deposit.

What is your pricing?

A.Estimated prices are listed in our Investment tab.

Will there be a second shooter?

A.No there will not. I will have an assistant to help me as the photographer. (It may depend on session)

Do you edit all of your photographs?

A.Yes, I do! Every image is edited and reviewed to make sure they are picture perfect for you.

What kind of gear do you use?

A.Canon products.

Do I have to order prints through you?

A.You can if you would like to but if you do then prices will be different with the packages. You do not have to order prints from me. But If you choose not to I will be able to give you a copyright release form so you can bring your photos to a shop to print them out.

How long does it take until I will receive my photos?

A.It will take up to one or two weeks and if it is a wedding or a event it will take up to three to four weeks. For your session it will be in the agreement.